Daft Punk “Break Up”

I opened up Twitter to find MKBHD’s tweet saying Daft Punk is no more –

Fearing the worst (death), I quickly Googled and found out that the duo has separated. Whew. It’s funny how I did not even process what I read and hurried to Google (the tweet does not read at all like a… death tweet). Interesting, but this is not a post about self-psychoanalysis. Maybe someday.

Although I haven’t listened to a lot of their music, what I did listen to was… unique and beautiful. ‘Instant Crush’ is the first song I remember to have had some kind of impact on me (I’m listening to it right now, btw). This was back around 2016/17 when I was just beginning to discover music. I remember those days, when I was pretty much an insomniac, living and loving the nights; I can see the corridors of my college hostel and see myself walking in its long passages, earphones in my ears, listening to music.

I love nights, what can I say.

Another song I love is ‘Giorgio by Moroder’ from the same album. Giorgio Moroder is The Father of Disco. There’s this monologue by Giorgio – his story about how he began his journey with music – it’s up close and personal, and Daft Punk did their thing and put music and sounds and a whole bunch of stuff around it and made a beautiful song out of it. What art, what artists!

I’m just going to list down a few of my favorite Daft Punk tracks here (Spotify link).

If I haven’t listened to much of their music, and if I’m not even a “fan” per se, why am I writing this?

Daft Punk, to me, is like an icon. They’re unique, they experiment, they do things differently, and it shows. And that’s what I love about them. They’re artists, and fierce and fearless ones at that. They make a statement by what they do. They’re a symbol of being different without being afraid, they inspire me to do things differently and to have courage while doing so.

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