Every 3 months or so, I do a “detox” where I just shut everything down and go completely off the grid. No laptop, no computer, no phone, no nothing. A break from any and all kinds of technology. A detox like this helps me clear my head a lot. The break from all those notifications, emails, social media, and the hundred different kinds of things our brains are bombarded with every single day eliminates any mental stress completely and I come back with a totally fresh mind.

I first tried a detox back in May 2020, for a whole week. I’ve been doing it since then whenever I feel stressed, depressed, or unfocused, and it works every time. Although I don’t do it for a whole week now, I make sure to stay off the grid for at least one or two whole days. It sounds like a very simple and maybe even a stupid thing to do, but a.) it’s not as easy as it seems, and b.) the benefits are really underrated.

It’s not easy because we are so used to having some kind of technology around us all the time, that our mind considers this situation to be natural. We live with technology like it’s an inseparable part of our life. But we don’t realize the drawbacks that come with it. We don’t realize how harmful it is to be fed a hundred different ideas, opinions, advertisements and whatnot every single day. It just doesn’t give us time for ourselves at all. We’re always so caught up, even though we don’t realize it.

Try to move away from technology completely (at least for an entire day) and you’ll see what I mean. It sounds like a simple thing to do, but it’s not. Moving away completely means that you are not going to be doing basic things. Like phone calls. It also means that there will be no music, no social media, no news. No taking in any content from the outside world at all. This clears your head, gives you time to think, and just automatically callms you down.

This also gives you the opportunity to do things that you should be doing, that maybe you’re not. Like having a good old conversation with your family. Or listening to birds and the sound of nature outside. Or sitting silently in one place for a while, doing nothing, just hearing yourself breathe. And then having your head so clear – like an un-foggy, clear sunny day with blue skies on a farm – that you are finally able to think only about the things that matter.

Try it out, it’s great. I’m going to do it this weekend, on both Saturday and Sunday. Absolutely nothing to do for 48 long, empty hours, nothing to fill them up with. I realize this means I’m not going to be posting on both the days, and this is a violation of my 30-day posting commitment. But honestly? I don’t consider it a violation. I’m doing the 30-day “challenge” to feel like I’m doing something productive every day, to feel good about myself. Doing absolutely nothing at all and successfully completing a two-day detox is a productive and worthwhile thing to do. I’m breaking rules and justifying things – because I believe in something – without beating myself up over it – and that’s okay.

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