iPhone 6

Log Update #4.

[I thought of writing about something like my 5-year old iPhone 6 that I’m back to now because my main phone is damaged and how after a dirt cheap screen-and-battery replacement this 5-year old thing works like it’s (almost) brand new. But that would just be me desperately trying to find something to write about because I don’t really have anything to write about. But also hey; who gives a poop emoji. So here goes. The iPhone 6.]


Except for web browsing and app launches being a little slow and a few tiny things here and there, it is truly amazing how well the iPhone 6 holds up in 2021. This thing launched in 2014 – this is 7-year old hardware now. What phone from 7 years ago is still usable? I can check emails, use Slack, scroll social media, listen to music on Spotify, do pretty much everything a latest top of the line phone in 2021 can do. Apple makes really good products and I give them credit for that. I don’t like the way they do business though, (especially in India) but that’s for another post.

I hardly use my phone, so the battery easily lasts me a whole 2 days. Which is great.

The camera still takes beautiful and technically-decent photos, just like it did a few years ago. Apple doesn’t support updates for it anymore, but even with an older version of iOS, I don’t feel like there’s something I’m missing here. Security isn’t a concern as even an older iOS is very secure for all practical purposes. I’m not going to be holding on to it for too long anyway.

I’m looking at the new iPhone SE. I like the design and form factor.

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