Log update #10

I’m either running out of ideas as to what to write about, or I’m just getting comfortable with the thought that I don’t have to force myself to write something every single day. It’s probably the latter though, not the prior. I’ve noticed that working out is playing a major role in not making me feel like I haven’t done anything worthwhile at the end of the day, and being compelled to write a post. Regular exercise really is a different beast.

I’m soon going to write about what I learned from completing this 30-day posting commitment. When it’s over, I will most likely stick to posting polished long-form pieces that I work on over a few days rather than just a few minutes before I sleep. The daily posting thing just completely took me off that.

It did get me into the habit of putting pen to paper (or hands to keyboard in this case) every single day though, even if it’s just for a little bit. And that’s going to be super useful.

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