Rocket League

I bought Rocket League on a whim back in 2017, when I saw it in one of Austin Evans’s videos (he’s that tech YouTuber). I remember saying to myself – “Cars playing soccer? Hmm, that sounds fun,” and I bought it. And it turned out to be much better than what I had expected.

The whole vibe and atmosphere of this game is what made me fall in love with it. You’re playing football with a car, on a beautiful-looking stadium, at night (nights are the best), while playing some good music in the background, and just having a good time. The soundtrack of this game is one of the most beautiful soundtracks of all that I’ve ever heard. It’s a collection of electronic music from many talented artists, and the songs complement the atmosphere of the game so well, it creates this overall completely amazing experience. You can totally forget everything and get lost in the game. All music is licensed by Monstercat btw, and if you’re familiar with the label, you know they’ve got some of the best electronic music out there. :chef’s kiss:


I have made many friends in the four years that I’ve played this game. You can party up with teammates, and then things lead to other things, and then you end up being Discord friends (and later even IRL friends) for life. The community is great too, very helpful and cracked funny. (If you do end up getting into RL, check out r/rocketleague.)


I hardly play any other games, and I generally find it difficult to get into, or rather, like gaming. Considering that, it’s really surprising how Rocket League has managed to capture my attention and keep me hooked for so long. There is some magic in it. Sure, even though I play on and off (with breaks that sometimes last even several months) I keep coming back to it. It’s a good game, and IMO one of the best games ever. Do check out the soundtrack here (Spotify link) and listen to some of the music. It’s really good. I highly recommend I Can Be by Crysta.

Oh btw, Rocket League is free to play now, and is available on the Epic Games store.

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