The value of a good break

It’s 1:30 am. I completely forgot about posting. I literally just got back out of bed because I suddenly remembered I have to post, while I was half-asleep and subconsciously dreaming. It’s interesting how a small break of 2 days made me completely forget about my 30-day posting commitment. The 2-day break was a good break – a detox – and I’m back feeling very positive and energized.

Maybe that’s why I forgot! I’ve had a really productive day today, and I did not get the “I need to do something worthwhile” thought at all. That is where the whole 30-day thing came from, after all – I started doing it because I did not want to feel like I’ve had a useless, unproductive day.

I’ve had a good day, I’m satisfied with what I did today, and I don’t feel a feeling of emptiness that I did not do anything worthwhile.

This is the value of a good break.

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