Own Your Domain
Leonardo.Ai illustration

[I got my domain name (ashutoshbhosale.com) transferred to the new registrar today. The website is still on the old server though. I am planning to migrate it soon.]


If you ever build a website for yourself or get one built for you from someone, please own your domain. You should register (or “buy”) your domain yourself and you should always have control over it. Why?

In case something goes wrong – for example, imagine you have a fight with the person or agency who manages your website and you don’t want to do business with them anymore. If you have access to your domain you can always set your website up on another server and set the DNS records of the domain to point to that server. Only because you have access to the domain.

But if you don’t have access to your domain, you cannot do anything. Owning your domain name is the most important thing. It is also good practice to decentralize your website’s different parts – keep the domain name and the server (and the email server too, if you want) with different companies so that one single entity does not have complete control over your website.

Hey, you never know.