Resources to become a web developer
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[Thought I’ll list down some resources for anyone looking to get into web development from scratch.]


Disclaimer: I am not a web developer. But being part of a company that does web development as its main business, I get to be around some of the brightest people who have been writing code for the internet for over a decade. This puts me in a good position to know a few things.

So here are a few resources if you’re looking to get started in web development but don’t know where to begin.

Developer Roadmap – This is exactly what it says. A roadmap for becoming a web developer (frontend, backend, or devops), presented as a detailed chart. This will give you an overview of what the path looks like and expose you to new words and technologies for the very first time. As the author of the roadmap themselves have mentioned too – don’t be overwhelmed. You can literally just start “Googling” each of the steps given in the chart and start learning this way; and you’ll be surprised how much you can cover within one month by dedicating one hour of your time every day. Btw this really is an excellent roadmap. (Don’t take my word for it. Look, over 8k people on GitHub have starred it!)

freeCodeCamp is a great place to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript basics for free and in a non-boring way. Seriously, it’s fun learning from freeCodeCamp. I’ve done it myself and highly recommend it.

If you’re looking to become a web developer specializing in WordPress, you should check out this WordPress course by rtCamp (which is where I work). This course too is more of a roadmap than an actual course with all the lessons in one place, but it will show you everything you need to learn to become an employable WordPress developer.

WordPress is open-source software that powers over 40% of all websites and is developed and maintained by a huge global community. Open-source is beautiful.