Inspector Morse – Colin Dexter

[I’m going to start reading an Inspector Morse mystery tomorrow. I’m getting bored with the monotony that comes with being stuck inside.] * I first read an Inspector Morse mystery not too long ago – maybe a couple of years ago – although my dad had got me two Morse books from his trip to…More

Stephen King On Writing

[Yesterday, I mentioned that I’m reading On Writing by Stephen King. I want to talk a bit more about it.] * On Writing by Stephen King is Stephen King’s autobiography mixed with tips on writing and being a writer. I’m almost halfway through the book and it’s amazing how much this man has gone through.…More

Resources to become a web developer

[Thought I’ll list down some resources for anyone looking to get into web development from scratch.] * Disclaimer: I am not a web developer. But being part of a company that does web development as its main business, I get to be around some of the brightest people who have been writing code for the…More – Privacy focused email

I transferred my email setup once more. I don’t trust Zoho Mail. I experienced downtime with their service, it seems like there are issues with getting proper support, and privacy concerns as well. I’m now on They support custom domains, catch-all alias, plus-addressing, pretty much all I want. And they’re good for privacy. Plus…More


I got my first dose of the vaccine today. That’s all. That’s the post.More

iPhone 6

Log Update #4. [I thought of writing about something like my 5-year old iPhone 6 that I’m back to now because my main phone is damaged and how after a dirt cheap screen-and-battery replacement this 5-year old thing works like it’s (almost) brand new. But that would just be me desperately trying to find something…More

Rocket League

I bought Rocket League on a whim back in 2017, when I saw it in one of Austin Evans’s videos (he’s that tech YouTuber). I remember saying to myself – “Cars playing soccer? Hmm, that sounds fun,” and I bought it. And it turned out to be much better than what I had expected. The…More


[Yesterday, I transferred the website to another server. I just wrapped up transferring the email setup as well (Say hi at ab(at)!).] * It’s 12:47 am. These days I hang around in Discord servers late in the evenings – play a few games, talk to people. I’m not really into gaming… In fact most of…More

Mr Oliver’s Diary

[Oof! I’m early today! It’s 10pm. I usually post past 12am so you’re going to see two posts for May 5. I’m afraid this is (finally) going to be a log update. I exercised today after a month-long break. Nothing fancy, just some cardio and weights. Feels great. Exercise is like that go-to Ruskin Bond…More

Own your domain

[ I got my domain name ( transferred to the new registrar today. The website is still on the old server though. I am planning to migrate it soon.] * If you ever build a website for yourself or get one built for you from someone, please own your domain. You should register (or “buy”)…More